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    Odd occurrences on both my R72/idr32 kits…..

    Main L-R ganged assigned to matrixes…I had ganged all attributes except Routing,
    Recently started to notice some oddities in the L-R busses derived from the Main L_R ….although both channels showed no delay/Eq or other apparent differences, I could measure >20 ms difference between the L&R as well as a 3db gain and EQ differences at several frequencies between the L-R channels)…unganging the 2 channels did nothing to restore normalcy…assigning the matrix outs to different sockets did not resolve the issue…and, as stated the 2 channels settings looked identical!…(the L main had the level decrease/delay/EQ cut)…..bypassing delay and EQs on strips did nothing to change that so although both channels showed flat EQ , 0.00ms delay and had their faders set at same 0 level i could measure 20 ms and gain and EQ differences ..however!!! resetting the faders to infinity and back to nominal 0 (unganged state )reset all the parameters on both strips so now L&R are the same again…I had noticed the delay occurrence several years ago and wrongly assumed it had been corrected in a later firmware update…no more ganging of MAIN L-R for me


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