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    Regarding main bus configurations.
    Will there be LCR and LCR+ with divergence possibility?
    Have tried to find without success in the presented information.

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    Chris Irwin

    I would like this answer as well – I need LCR capability.

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    Also I want to know all the 4 dedicated main faders are stereo bus or mono?

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    Mee Too Please.

    1) LCR and LCR+ support?
    2) Dedicated Main Faders… Stereo or Mono (or Configurable)?

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    Chris Irwin

    I’m bummed that no one from A&H has responded – however, I found the answer in the recently posted user guide (pg 44) copied below. I am quite bummed that the LCR doesn’t have “percentage” panning as most other LCR busses do. It doesn’t help me to not be able to have something panned center in LR also (at specified amount, not just LR+M).

    3. Main – Select one of 5 modes of Main mix:
    • None – No Main mix, for example dedicated monitor mixing with a large number of Aux mixes.
    • LR – Standard stereo Main mix.
    • LR+Msum – A stereo Main mix with additional output which is the mono sum of the pre-fade, pre-processed LR mix. For
    example to feed a mono delay speaker or zone.
    • LR+M – A 3-way main mix with independent stereo LR and mono M busses. Channels can be separately assigned to any
    combination of LR and M. Typical application for M is main centre speaker, mono PA or bus-fed sub bass.
    • LCR – A 3-way main mix with LCR panning. Each channel can be panned from left, through centre to right. At mid pan, full
    signal is fed to M and none to L and R. Stereo channels feed the LR mix only.

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    Chris Irwin

    As a follow up, I spoke with an A&H employee at NAMM about this today. He said that it is very possible to add the “blend” control to the LCR bus since the dLive already has this feature; however, they have not decided yet if they will add it to the Avantis console. They are playing to the market and so prioritizing which features should be added based on demand; he said this decision can be swayed by people requesting this feature. They take both Facebook comments and the Feature Request forum seriously and give the most value to the ones with higher thumbs up counts and response rates/interactions. So, if you would like this as well, go on over to the Feature Request forum and like/respond to my post about it.

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