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    A mailing list where we could be informed about the availability of a new firmware version would be useful.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi GuitarHero,

    If you registered your Qu mixer you will get an email for any Qu firmware update or new product within the Qu series.

    Equally, you will get those emails if you subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our main website and tick ‘Qu series’.

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    Thank you, I just subscribed.

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    I’ve posted this before, but I’ll say it again to save others the problem I had a couple of versions back!

    I set up for a gig, only to find the new QuPad app had installed, but was unable to connect to the desk with the now out of date firmware. With no computer there, I was stuck. OK, not the end of the world, but I have got very used to setting monitors up from on stage and “walking the room” from time to time.

    So, if your iPad is set to automatically update apps, change it so that it doesn’t.

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    The automatic software update problem just caught my band too. The wireless devices spontaneously malfunction when A&H releases new Qu-You and Qu-Pad versions. This can come at a very bad time, like right before a gig. Everything was working at our practice set-up but a few weeks later my iPhone was on v1.7 and the mixer was on v1.6 — “Version Error”.
    Apparently, all the band members must turn off automatic update on their phones and iPads. This applies to all apps on the device, not just A&H apps. This is undesirable since you lose automatic update for all the apps on the device. As band members get new phones, OS updates, and such they must remember to keep turning off automatic update.
    It would be best if the Qu apps would not update automatically. Then the downloads could be scheduled and tested by the techie band members. I understand I can register my Qu mixer to get email software release notices mixed with unwanted new product notices. That will help a little. Any better ideas are appreciated.

    Clark Meier

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    Mailing list has been working for a long time – IIRC, I’ve never had any form of spam from A&H as a result of registering a product.

    I’m pretty sure there’s nothing A&H can do to stop the app updating if you’ve set up your iThing that way – and I think that’s now the default setting too, unfortunately.

    I suppose they could make each update into a new app, but I bet that’s expensive & much more complicated!

    Automatic updates can be a pain anyway for lots of apps, not just A&H stuff.

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    The only thing A&H can do for the iPad is to release the “up to date” version, but also release (as different software) each version by name.

    So you can download “QuPad 1.6” which would have the same icon, but overlaid with the version number.

    Otherwise they have to retain back compatibility in the app, which is probably not too hard, but would make the app rather large…

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