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    I would like to see something like Macros (on Digico) or Events (on Avid) – thats a really powerfull feature on Digico or Avid Consoles and very nice to have.
    That means its an “if i do y – then x should happen” kind of thing.
    That would be great!

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    +1 on that

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    Old threat to necro back up, but a search didn’t show me any more recent topics about this suggestion.
    Basically a +1 to this.

    Mostly want to be able to assign macros to Softkeys and midi inputs.
    Digico has a great example of this:

    Basically Id construct it like this:
    – Create a macro
    + Add in one or more functions
    + Assign macro to trigger or softkey

    The main difference from the current softkey options is that it allows you to do more then one thing per button.

    Another thing that can be added to this is the ability to record surface inputs into a macro, mimicing that input.

    In the same vein, though I might have the setting wrong, but while I have Mix follows PFL on my surface, this function doesn’t extend into softkey PFL. So I cant do Mix+PFL on softkeys only, which would free up faders for me. This is either just a programming fix, or easy to add in with macros.

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    What about scene assigned to key that does necessary thing? Or embedded scene if more actions are needed.


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    +1 on macros!

    I’d love to be able to:
    – bookmark a specific page
    – switch roles on the fly
    – etc.


    I posted a while ago about this too. Threshold triggers would be phenomenally useful as a native function of the desk! I have, however, found a workaround using TCP midi and Osculator:

    Connect any mac to the desk via TCP midi, run an osculator session and grab whatever parameter you want to automate w/ “if-this-then-that,” args. Split your values into lo/hi (for faders,) adjust your thresholds, then tell osculator to spit out a command @ those thresholds. Bit of a learning curve to really get in to Osculator, but the payoff is huge.

    …I’m *almost* done cataloguing all of the midi parameters into an Osculator library too, I will post the document as soon as it’s done!

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    Hey TCMG (if I can…),

    Using Osculator (or MIDI monitor), my desk is only showing MIDI traffic when moving any control of a MIDI strip (that seems logical BTW).
    But, changing scenes on the desk should also send MIDI bank and program changes… and mine doesn’t seem to send those!
    So, you saying “Connect any mac to the desk via TCP midi, run an osculator session and grab whatever parameter you want to automate w/ “if-this-then-that,” args” is a bit disappointing for me as I’d very much like to do things like you describe.

    My setup is very simple with no custom MIDI configuration (computer side)… and I can’t figure what’s wrong.




    @ Ipo – Just saw this! Can you send screen caps?

    …and are you attempting to connect to mixrack or surface? It’s *possible* that if you are connecting to surface ip address, you won’t see any of the prog changes, because those happen via mixrack if I’m not mistaken. (And I very well could be, I haven’t tested it.) The behavior you describe suggests though, that you’re only seeing surface activity.

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    Hey TCMG,

    The connection is made through the mixrack IP.
    I did find out the solution as I explain it in this thread: MIDI communication is limited in a multisurface setup (or, at least, when building a show from a multisurface template showfile).


    @ Ipo – great research man, bummer about that limitation. I would imagine that your best workaround is to use the midi strips/custom rotaries/buttons as your triggering mechanisms for “if this, then…” arguments, by way of splitting values in Osculator. IE – you push a midi fader up +3dB and stuff happens, you drop it back to 0 and other stuff happens.

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    My personal workaround was to use a singlesurface template showfile… but the guys who really needs a multisurface setup should (and can only) use the MIDI strips for MIDI interactions and should know that scene changes won’t send any MIDI signal as expected (that appears to be pure logic as scenes are specific to each surface but A&H should notify the users).

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    back to the macros…

    I like the idea of macros but seeing no use for my setup at the moment

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    Yes, macros would be super useful.

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    i don’t see any requirement for it in my setups right now.

    the only thing i really miss again and again is a switch option “last scene number plus 1”.
    could you do something like that with macros? then I would be very much in favour! 😉

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