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    we have an choir and use the Qu16.
    our choir leader need to hear the main output LR, but pre LR Fader
    which is the way to put the master LR to a mix output example MIX 9 or 10

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi ShantyMan,

    The main LR output is a mix in the same way as Mixes 9 and 10, and it’s not possible to route a mix to another mix.
    However, if you set all channels on Mix 9-10 to be ‘Post Fade’ (i.e. select Mix 9-10, go to the routing screen and touch ‘All Post’), set ‘Channel Source’ to ‘Post-All’, then put all the channel faders to 0dB – any adjustments to processing or levels on the main mix will also affect Mix 9-10.
    An even simpler option would be to use the Alt Out, just set this to LR Pre in the ‘Setup > I/O Patch > Surface’ window, then use the Alt Out level control for the master (Pre) level.

    Hope this helps!

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    thank you for your quickly answer !
    the alt-out option is a very fine solution, but we use an AB168 Stage Box und i will use the LAN transfer to the monitor on stage for aur choir leader.
    i have found, that there is no way to select Alt-out to dsnake expander in the ab168, only main-LR pre.
    but this is not possible to regulation from the mixer stand

    the main problem is, that our choir leader is standing on the stage, this is behind the main PA, so he is not hearing the totally mix.
    so he thinks that the voices are to loud or the akkordeon are to soft, and so on
    therefor i will test an LR monitoring.
    i will test your options, thank you

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