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    I had an issue last night that i havent had before. Bit of a strange one this. Setup is as follows:
    Qu24, AR2412.

    Halfway through the night, Channel 1 (Vocals) dropped out of Main L+R. They were still audible via PFL Headphones and in Mix 1-4 (Monitors), yet nothing out of FOH.

    The channel was not muted and the Fader raised.

    I have a 2nd man that helps me and on a few occasions i found him meddling/adjusting when i wasnt at the desk. Usualy he is reliable but i feel he messed with some settings or altered the routing.

    I checked the patching and all were set at DSnake (In yellow) on the channel. DSnake outputs were still on 11/12 set to Main L+R.

    VCA’s were not muted. I usualy group vocals to a VCA.

    Is there something i have missed? Like i say, Channel 1 could be heard in PAFL, seen on the screen meters and heard in Monitor Mixes. But nothing out of Mains.

    HELP! This cannot happen again!

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    Had it been un-assigned from L&R? That would cause the behaviour you describe.

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    How would one un-assign from L&R? Or more importantly, how does one reassign it?

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    Hit the blue L/R button so it’s the selected mix, then on the left side, press and hold the green “Assign” button. Any channel Select buttons with their LED lit are assigned to the L/R main mix. While still holding the Assign button you can assign and unassign a channel using the Select button. This is also how you assign and unassign channels to any of the mixes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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