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    I am having a problem with a new QU-16 and USB streaming output from Logic and MainStage despite other audio streaming working.

    The Mac USB audio to the QU-16 is working successfully for iTunes, system sounds, and web sound sources. The audio output from Logic and MainStage do not work – AU instruments and playback of Logic audio files do not work whereas other output selections work (internal speakers or Quad-Capture).

    As background, I have a new Qu-16 with firmware 1.71. My iMac has the latest OS. I have gone to the MAC OS X Audio MIDI setup utility and selected the QU-16 for audio output. I selected configure speakers and chose channels 17 and 18 for L and R channel output. I selected USB B for ST1 on the QU-16 (Parameters, Fn button). I selected USB B Streaming for Global USB source on the QU-16. These efforts allowed me to generally stream audio via USB from the Mac to the QU-16 and out to my monitors. So far so good.

    When I am in Logic or MainStage, I can choose the audio output in Preferences>audio>audio output.
    Here is the problem: When I select the QU-16, there is no audio output from either the Logic or MainStage program via USB to the QU-16. If I choose internal sound output or a Roland Quad-Capture then both work fine. I can also select “System Setting” as the audio output in both programs and then toggle the output destination by using the Audio Midi utility. Again, the internal output and Quad Capture work as an output source but not the QU-16. To reiterate, other audio generators on the Mac such as iTunes and the Web send output to the QU-16 successfully despite Logic output and MainStage not working.

    I can record audio using input from the QU-16>USB>Logic. I have to listen to it by selecting a different output as the QU-16 won’t work for output from Logic.

    I’ve read other threads and the current manual and can’t figure out why I get USB audio output but selectively not from Logic or Mainstage. I would perceive this to be a Logic/Mainstage problem but as soon as I route to other USB sound output it works fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    As not being a Logic user I can only guess:
    – are your projects 48kHz? Maybe Logic does not resample to the required 48kHz the Qu is operating with.
    – did you check all inputs (switch all channels to USB B)?

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    Those were exactly the two problems. I had both programs set to 44 kHz and I only had the ST1 inputs set to USB-B. It works now after changing the sample rate to 48 kHz and setting all inputs to USB-B. Many thanks Andreas!

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