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    YES I AGREE It is sounding more like a driver issue with Android.

    As far as I can remember there is no Android driver for QU series

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    Below is the Reply from Product support A&H

    Hi Elvis,

    Much of this will depend on how the Samsung uses USB audio devices.

    The Qu requires ASIO/WDM drivers for use with Windows systems and uses the built in Core Audio drivers on Mac systems.

    We don’t test or officially support using the Qu with an Android device for USB audio streaming, so if you can’t get the Samsung to work with the USB interface, you may need to use a separate USB audio interface for the connection to the phone, or find a way to input and analogue signal into the phone.



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    Maybe for an experiment send the L R audio to all of the USB output tracks at the same time and see if your phone and or Facebook picks up one of them.

    @mikec Is this possible, to send it to (what Windows sees as) the QU Line input device (ie not the ASIO multi-track)? I’ve just posted a thread asking something similar

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    see the answer in your thread already
    see what the AH response was above wrt Qu and drivers

    please do not hijack threads with other questions that are not on the same problem
    start another thread with another question if you need to have another thread

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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