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    There is one particular backup singer in our band who could do with a little pitch correction. I’d like to use AutoTune Live with Logic Pro X running on my MacBook pro. Anyone have any advice on how to route this? Can the USB B handle a two-way signal from the MacBook? Can I route OUT through the Qu-drive port into Logic Pro and then stream in real time back into the board through the USB B port?

    I have a couple of audio interfaces (e.g. presonus vsl 1818) and I suppose I could take a Mix 1 analog signal into the 1818, then go into Logic, then take the output from Logic back into the 1818 and route back into a channel on the board. This offends me, because it means I’m converting back and forth between analog and digital signals way more than necessary, introducing unnecessary signal degradation and maybe some additional latency.

    Does anyone use a similar process for other real time FX through a DAW in a live performance?

    I’d appreciate any thoughts on this. . .


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    AT itself has a little latency so any conversion you do will add to that. May not be terribly noticeable live but might. Like in studio we could never put AT on a singer while recording. They could not sing at all with it. Had to process afterwards. I know many folks who have and still use the original AT single space box. I think it was an ATR1. I owned one for many years. We did still use one on some TV shows but lately using dig boards I have not since harder to hookup. I wish AH would license it as an FX.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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