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    I’ve been poking around the SQ-6 for a few months now, and am fairly proficient with it, but I haven’t quite figured out how to record multitrack during a performance. Whenever I assign inputs to the multitrack USB, it disappears from the mains. Am I just blind to what I’m supposed to do, or is that not an option yet?
    Thanks in advance

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    Maybe you misunderstood something. You have to assign your physical inputs (from microphones or line in signals) to the output of your multitrack recording target.
    Let’s say you want to record via USB-B 32 channels to your computer. This would be the most reliable recording option with the most possible tracks. Using the internal SQ-Drive gives you only the opportunity to record max. 16 channels and you have to take care that the mass storage is fully compatible with the SQ. But let’s do it with the USB-B.

    Please read the actual reference manual ( for details. I will give you hints which chapter would be relevant.

    Prior firmware version 1.3 you have to assign on the IO outputs tab the direct outputs to the USB outs (see chapter 6). There are also options for using the direct outs of the channels. this can be done via the Routing page of any input channel (chapter 8.1). Using direct outputs of the input channels will have the advantage that you will have a 1:1 relation between what you are mixing and what you are recording. No matter how the input patching is actually done. you can even record post channel processing (something I definitely do no recommend).
    With the new firmware you can use tie lines to assign directly the input sockets to the USB outputs (chapter 6.6). This allows you to record your physical inputs no matter they are used for mixing or not. this can be helpful for instance when you like to record also some ambience for a better live atmosphere. The pros on this option are that you will record exactly what comes into the SQ and you cannot damage your recording signals by accidentally doing a wrong processing. On the other side you have to select your input sockets carefully especially when you do not use a 1:1 patching of the input channels.

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    I have the same issue, we can record stereo but not multitrack, when we assign tracks as per the manual, we lose the mains, is anyone else having this issue?

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    You don’t assign the Input to multitrack, except for doing insertion. What you do is to tap on the output section on each IP (Input processing) and thus you split it post fader. I am not sure whether it has Input Direct Out (PreFader).

    edit: There is Direct out, it is called Tie Lines.

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