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    would be amazing to have parametric eq on the Listen Bus in order to equalize monitor speakers in a control room.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Same for PEQ on Talkback!

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    this is a live sound mixer, so it likely will not happen
    but we already discussed improvements regarding the studio use of the SQ

    maybe A&H will provide a studio role (like the monitor mixing role)

    would it make sense to collect the ideas in one thread?

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    Well “live sound mixer” but there are I guess many of us having SQs inside of booths or control rooms of venues. In this case it is still a live sound mixer but some times you need to work in front of monitor speakers. Of course you could equalize them using dedicated equipment but this means a different budget (albeit better results). So a simple PEQ on the listen bus would be an amazing tool for quick tuning that can be hugely better than nothing.

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    jack hale

    This would defeat the perpose of a listen buss you could use a matrix for your control room you’ll have eq on that however you wouldn’t be able to solo in a matrix. You could still use headphones to solo

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    +1 to the original suggestion of adding PEQ to the listen bus.

    I own an SQ7 for studio use and need PEQ/GEQ functionality to adjust the PAFL/Listen bus out to room acoustics. I cannot use a Matrix out for that (PEQ/GeQ there) because I loose SIP/PAFL functionality that way.

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    I find it hard to believe the number of “short cut” SQ owners that are requesting a multitude of studio console performance and function features for this small footprint, world class, desk that most of us enjoy as it is offered. Efforts to obviate the Waves or Dante card option, that would open the door to the highly specialized world of studio management is a serious mistake. This is an ultra frugal short cut that is doomed for disappointment that is somewhat analogous to putting a square peg in a round hole: it can be done but a good fit is impossible!
    A&H makes it very clear that their offerings (D-Live, Avantis & SQ) are all designed and optimized for capturing live performance with limited internal recording for these live events. These desks offer different levels of input and distribution controls and are priced accordingly: however they all share the same highly prized FPGA processing. Please remember consumers are responsible for doing sufficient due diligence before buying any gear and in this case A&H has been very clear about their studio options being centered around the Waves or Dante card port.
    I have a DX32 loaded with Prime I/Os and use tie lines through the Waves card in my SQ5 to a Waves Soundgrid controlled Studio One DAW. The detailed transparency of my studio tracks are spectacular and I have the same two mix process for live performance, pre amp only, tracks captured from the SQ5 with my Glyph external HD.
    The burden to buy the most appropriate gear to best meet our needs belongs completely to the consumer. It should not shifted to the manufacturer with requests based on fantasy speculation pursuant to possible future major structural design changes of any type. This is particularly true with A&H that always goes the extra mile in developing very dependable gear designed with specific characteristics to fit various SR chores. Please remember there is a world of difference between small firmware tweaks and most of the requests we see on these threads.

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