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    After using dLive for the past few months I have a few suggestions that I’ve come up while using it.
    Some might have already been stated, but here’s my list so far.

    Midi Sel
    Midi Mix
    Midi Softkey
    Note: you would have to have a console instance and the midi note command would specify a instance for this to work properly.

    Ip8 Sel
    Ip8 Mix
    IP8 SoF
    Note: simply follow the surface that this is linked to.

    Direct out pick point per channel & buss
    TalkBack mic source aux/group/mtx
    IO patch libraries (like SQ)
    Changing IO slot in HA abcd source keeps socket same
    Softkey abcd set select specific channel(s) or a range

    Scene recall filter:
    Individual insert A or B

    Deep EQ models
    De-esser & LF Dynamics for vocals
    Guitar amp models in FX engine
    Deep Comp models in FX engine so we can have two compressors on a channel
    Replace gate with compressor/expander
    8 band PEQ (or higher) on outputs (replace GEQ)
    6 band PEQ on inputs (replace HPF/LPF)

    Harmony UI:
    Insert tapping engine takes us to that view
    Rta on peq
    Rta on gate/comp key filter
    Post fader meters
    Hold mute group button to add assignments (do this for dca too) [similar to x/m32]
    Way to enable hpf when setting via rotaries (c-class) [hpf auto enables/disables when moving past 20Hz]
    Clicking a meter in meters takes you to the channel processing and selects that channel and recalls a fader layer with that channel present (options in settings)
    Virtual banks which are recallable from softkeys or scenes (scene recall works for this)
    Show rename keyboard to have left/right arrows for moving cursor; add delete button

    IO routing page [absurdly useful]
    FX page
    Copy desk layer
    iPad pro
    (honestly I just hope that mixing station comes to dLive)

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    Welcome to the DLive family!

    There are some great ideas in here. A lot of them are already suggested in the forums so it would be worth your time to search some of them out and add a comment/like to those posts so that the A&H teams see individual requests getting publicity rather than a long list.

    I am all about the MIDI functions getting added in and the RTA on PEQ is something that a lot of us have asked for, for instance.

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    most of the above was requested before

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    Thanks, I did search. I also do go back and do the +1 for relevant threads. I also know some was already suggested.

    Simply making the Dev team easily able to add desired features to TFS.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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