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    I think it will be interesting to add the possibility to link any channels between them.

    For now only continuous 2-2 channels can be linked (1&2, 3&4, …) it would be nice to link 2&3, 4&5….for example…

    Thank You A&H !

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    I agree wholeheartedly,
    I also wish I could link my main L/R master fader and the Mix 9-10 that I use for subwoofers.
    Moving one would cause the other to move in tandem.

    That would just be super marvy!


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    Linking unlimited/any fader is very useful…


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    I would like to be able to link ST1 and ST2 so I can change the volume of two keyboards and keep their ratio always exactly 1.

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    And that would also make it possible to change the volume of all singers in a band without changing their ratio between each other.

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    Isn’t that a perfect use case for DCAs?

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    Dca’s are an option….

    But, not many of them…and having easily setups like multi keyboards and even multi output amps as well…

    For instance our guitar player plays 2mesa boogies, and 2 Hughes and Ketner rigs…(yes 4 100watt amps and 4 cabs) and its nice to have them all linked…

    As for backup signers DCA is better…allowing to tweak I one is getting louder than the rest…etc…

    Both would be Awsome…

    Perhaps change the setting to just a follow fader option…

    Then if it’s 1-2 select two to follow one…

    1-2-6-7 its 2-follow 1. 6-follow 2. 7-follow 6.

    Not sure on ah software, but will allow any number of and offset of faders with just one setting per channel similar to thier setup that exists…just pick the channel…

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    DCAs could be a solution but they are unfortunately not mix-dependent in the Qu. They are only DCA masters, can’t be used for sends. So for FOH they are enough, for doing monitors unfortunately not.

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    It would be nice if:

    – there would be a mono linking feature with which you can link more than two channels (no need for pan then)
    – it would be possible to link ST1 and ST2 (no pan needed either)

    That would solve some difficulties I’m having with this mixer when using it from stage.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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