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    I think I might have asked this before, but I’m still trying to work out a viable solution. We have a school which uses our GLD from time to time for school events in church. I have given them their own user, with a scene that get recalled when they log in and sets up their normal config. including routing changes etc. This is fine, but they really need to be able to save changes that they make to their setup, so that when they come back after we have used the GLD they can get back to where they were. At the moment I give them scene saving permissions. But that means that if they accidentally save their config into the wrong scene we loose one of ours!

    Ideally I would like a way to limit them to ONLY saving “their” scene(s), but I can’t see a way to do this. (It looks like you can in the QU with limiting scene visibility per user).

    So my only workaround at the moment is to duplicate “our” scenes at the high number range, so they are less likley to be overwritten, and make sure I have show backups.

    Any clever ideas?

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    Is there any reason the church and the school can’t just have their own show files?


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    I think that Chris hit the nail on the head. Just back up your entire show file to your USB Drive before you give it to them and create one just for them with whatever setup they need and load that before you give them the board. When you get it back, just reload “your” show file with all your scenes in it. You could even back up their show file with whatever they changed and reload that for them before they pick it up from you the next time (or have them get a USB stick and show them how to do it themselves…). I do think your idea would be a good feature request though. It would be nice to have one “starting” scene for all volunteers at a particular service that they could all use initially (and procedures written up for…). This would also serve as a “backup” for them in case they screwed something up… but then have a designated scene that they could store for themselves after customizing it the way they would like.


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    Yes, that would work IFF someone (i.e. me) were around before and after they needed to use it:-( I’m not sure I want to allow them to save and load show files themselves. Although I guess it can’t do any harm provided I have a USB backup. But it would mean that I would either have to trust them to reload “our” show when they are done, or have someone else capable of loading a show do it. I’m just envisaging the chaos that would ensue when someone turned up for the 8am service who only knows how to switch the thing on and press the “auto” soft key and they found the channels all over the place. Hmmm. food for thought.


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