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    I often have musicians who control their own mix via the Onemix app on an iPad. Many times they will turn up their Aux to +10db and turn up some of the channels in that mix (usually their own channel) also to +10db. This causes the Aux to clip and distort, then there are complaints about the sound quality. Is there a way to limit the Aux send and Aux master to 0db?

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    Sounds like a job for Custom Control. I think you can limit range of controls using that.

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    You need to tell your musicians not to override the outputs. They see the level on their iPad.

    If they don’t understand this, you’ll probably have to throttle the input levels, or you’ll only give them split channels where the trim is down.
    As a technician, you just have to think of something so they can’t run over it.

    A solution via CustomControl could help, you can do almost anything with it. But for several musicians this is a complex task to implement. And I don’t know right now whether you can run several different programs at the same time. They would have to be different, because each musician has to operate a different area.

    Normally, however, it helps to explain the matter to the musicians.

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    You could put a compressor on the output with a really heaving shelf, effectively preventing them from lifting above 0db. It will sound like crap if they dial it up, but it should stop the distortion. 40:1 or infinity should cause it to hard shelf. You can set this at whatever level you need it to kick in to stop overdriving the output.

    Training your musicians is always the best.

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    Not sure, if it helps to replace a shitty sound from distorting the output, with a shitty sound from squashing the signal to death 😂

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    but it would be a possible emergency solution against the distortions 😉

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    I’d try to find a way to turn their headphones up. They won’t turn everything to +10 if -5 is already taking their heads off.


    Yeah, agreed: Custom Control is really the way to go for IEM controls/setting limits.

    I do also use Osculator and TouchOSC to give volunteers a more comprehensive set of controls with built-in fader limits, for multiple systems on one screen. Takes a bit more time to set up, but it’s proven to be quite bullet resistant. (We’ve been running it since 2017 with zero system crashes to date.) In that instance I have a Money bank for mission-critical faders + master fader, Lighting status/go/back buttons, Pro Presenter Go/Back buttons, and several buttons that recall specific dLive cues. …and beyond that first screen, some additional in-depth controller pages for more skilled users.

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