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    Just finished my first weekend with the new Dlive. I do theater work so brightness is an issue. If you hold the surface button to get to the lighting page, the screens jump to full brightness and you have to dim the screens back down. Anyone else see this?

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    Hi kmoor

    This is a feature. The idea is that if the screen is set so dimly that it cannot be seen, for example in bright sunlight, you can hold down the surface button to restore the screen brightness to a level that should be visible in any environment, and from there set the various dimming controls as desired. If you need to control the brightness in a normal scenario, it’s only one or two extra actions to press the ‘Surface’ button normally, then go to ‘Control’ (selected by default anyway), and ‘Dimmer’.

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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    I also have a question:

    I have tried to store different dimmerpositions in scenes. one scene for “show”, one scene for “soundcheck” and one for “daylight”.
    in the Recall-Filter I have deactivated everything except “surface illumination”.
    but it has not worked.
    do I make an error in reasoning?

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    Nicola A&H

    Your reasoning sounds ok to me.
    Check the surface illumination is not Safe in the Global Safes.

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    Hi Nicola, in German we say: “Volltreffer”! 😉

    thank you, this was the solution of my problem!
    I had forgotten that I had safed this in Global Safes

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