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    In current form, Utility > Library Manager is a pretty limited way to copy Libraries between dLive and USB. It’s neighboring tab (Show Manager) is a bit more robust and user-friendly. Suggest the following improvements:

    1. Add options for “Copy All” buttons to match functionality on Show Manager.
    2. If copying a library with a name that already exists on the target, add option to overwrite, as with Show Manager.
    3. Ability to show file info on a Library (ie: date it was saved) for help with version control. Again, as with Show Manager.

    Not to get greedy, but it would also be helpful to add directory/folder structures for Libraries. ie: instead of a single alphabetized list, the ability to group libraries by (for instance) vocals, drums or other categories as they may apply to the user. Then I could copy over my entire drum channel strip settings in one tap, rather than first deleting (if they exist already) on the target and then individually copying over each library.


    +1 the whole library system could use a nice update.

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    From what I can tell, the libraries are not “universal”, but stored within a show.
    The ability to recall any library from/to any show would be great.

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    Both the Library and Show Manager could really use some work. Folder/tag structures, write protections…even something as trivial as additional characters would help in sorting shows and Library presets. Currently, everything is just thrown into one big unsearchable pile.

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    You can import scenes and libraries from other shows. This is not limited to USB shows.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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