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    I just copied a bunch of saved libraries to a USB. I couldn’t seem to select all the libraries and easily move them. I had to copy them to a USB one by one. Considering I haven’t found a way to copy an entire channel strip to a library instead of all the individual components of a channel strip (Gain, Gate, EQ, Compression, etc) that list of libraries adds up quickly. 64 channels x 7 or 8 processors…

    Now I might just be missing something and can’t see how to save an entire channel strip to a library for one, and also there might already be a way to copy ALL libraries to USB. If so, please direct me to how that is done.

    If not, then I think both features should be added.

    I also think that when storing a new library, the input name should come up as the default name of the library. Right now its just blank, so I have to select my KICK for example, press on the EQ, press library, press store then type the name…Then do that again for the comp and the gate and the input section. You can see how this becomes time consuming.

    Please correct me where I am wrong 🙂

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    select the channel and hit Library
    now you should be able to save the channel

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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