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    trying to connect Lexicon MX200 to allen & heath 32 channel mixer console. console has 6 aux sends, sound guy has lexicon 1/4″ ring plugged into channel 6 and other end, 2 ring and tip 1/4″ plugged into back of lexicon, channel two. He also has another line hooked into stereo channel (blue fader) and that one hooked into channel 1 of lexicon. We need another monitor outlet for or live band. he is saying no way we can have another monitor outlet. While working the board myself, when I take out the one line input cable from aux 6, effects does not change what is coming through mains. He is telling me that input cable is the send for the Lexicon component, yet nothing is happening when I unplug it. How can we resolve this? we need that aux 6 line for additional monitor on stage. Can anyone help?

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    I guess this is totally of topic…
    Allen & Heath has many 32 channel mixers
    go get help from a lokal sound guy near you

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    Do you know basic concept of send/return circuit?
    Long story short – you have to use AUX output of your desk and connect that to input of Lexicon FX, but the output from Lexicon comes to any free input of your mixer. Then you route all the signals you want to add FX to that particular AUX, that is how you will get the singal going from mixer to Lexicon. Then just turn up the input fader of the channel where you’ve connected output of Lexicon and you should have FX audible into your PA.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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