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    I have posted this modest request allready twice, but I am trying once more. I can imagine that all the fantastisc work the developers put in 1.4.3 uses up all resources. And it shows. Wow, the SQ just keeps getting more powerful, more beautiful and more useful. But please, take a moment to adjust this minor detail. When you would make the ledbar follow the same Color scheme as the touch surface, the Red and Blue would be much better readable in low light conditions. (And the lay-out would be more consistent)
    Please consider this.

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    If you are asking for “White Letters”, they can’t. If you look closely at the scribble strips, they are actually LCD (black, like a basic clock) screens with color back lighting. It would be nice to have white lettering, but physically not possible. Hopefully when they release the 1.5 feature update, they will add more colors and allow you to invert the LCD (for color letters). Those developers have a lot to do. Their hard work is appreciated.

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    Thanks for your reply. That clears things up for me. I could not understand the inconsistency of the colors, and the bad readebility. I will stop asking (for white letters) now….

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    They could brighten up the blue and red on the title strips. I just upgraded from a GLD-80 to the SQ-6 and this is my only complaint. The colors on the GLD were the same options but a lot easier to read because they were brighter

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    When I change from a mono input to a stereo input one of the scribble strips goes blank and I loose the use of that fader. Is there a way to have two stereo inputs side by side on the board without a blank one in between them, or a stereo and then a mono channel right beside it without a blank scribble strip in between them?

    I have the SQ5 board


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    Hi Andy,

    Yes you can, as all fader strips on the SQ are freely assignable. Press the ‘Setup’ screen key, touch the ‘Surface’ tab then touch the ‘Strip Assign’ tab. There you can drag ‘n’ drop all faders in your preferred order. This works on all layers.

    Best regards,


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