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    I’m trying to setup a custom layer where I can have channel faders from different mixes spread across the layer. For example faders 1-5 control inputs 1-5 in the main LR mix, faders 6-10 control inputs 1-5 in mix 1, faders 11-15 control inputs 1-5 in mix 2 etc.. I cant seem to find a way to do this and would really appreciate any direction.

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    not possible

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    Mike C

    The only way I can see to do that would burn up a lot of channels in the way of multiple channel split assignments.

    You would have a set of channels only assigned to the main LR mix.
    The first split would only be assigned to mix 1 post fade so main surface
    fader moves would change the mix send level.
    Mix 2 same thing and so on.

    The channel splits would let you have full independent channel processing on the channel
    mix sends.

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    Even using a third party app like Mixing Station Pro isn’t going to allow a mix (no pun intended) of LR and aux mix faders on the same layer. With Mixing Station Pro, the ‘sends of fader” buttons can be a part of the screen design, so you can have a layer with faders 1-5 on the screen. Normal functionality would be to control FOH, but by pressing the correct aux “send on fader” button located on the same screen would change the functionality of those faders to control the selected aux send. You could quickly press and change levels for any aux or FOH and the screen layout (faders 1-5) wouldn’t change other than to reflect the fader level of the aux or FOH send.

    That is probably the suggestion I would make. Try something like the Mixing Station Pro app and create a custom layout with the needed channels and the “sends on faders” widget on one screen.

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    I don’t have a SQ to try this, but I believe you can assign a “mix select” to a soft key. Using this, you can assign each aux mix to a soft key. So Aux mix select 1 to soft key 1, aux mix select 2 to softkey 2, etc. This way, you simply have to press the appropriate softkey to change the faders on the layer from controlling the LR send level to controlling the aux send levels. Basically this duplicates the functionality of the Mixing Station Pro app, but on the physical console surface.

    According to page 73 of the SQ 1.5 Reference Guide, this should work.

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    Hmm, on the right side of the faders there are already the buttons for all aux mix selects. So using the soft keys would be redundant.

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