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    Last weekend I did a gig, and the room was darker than normal, so I dropped the screen brightness.

    Nice and easy, push the button, twiddle the encoder. What’s better is that all the other LEDs dim as well….

    But – at low brightness – the top layer LED doesn’t light. It is fine down to about half brightness then it just turns off.
    Is this just my desk, or is it due to the LED in that position being more sensitive than the others on the desk?

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    On my QU-16, as I turn the value knob, my top layer LED (blue) dims and then goes out completely just a ms before the screen goes dark. The yellow custom layer LED and green bottom layer LED never go away entirely.

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    Ditto… on my QU16. top later LED goes right out before knob is turned down.Lower layer LED go to just dim.
    QU32 has a long LEDs’ between all channel strips.
    Both upper and lower do NOT go right out but dim down very low.

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    I am not speaking for A&H here, but light emitting diodes can vary so much even in a very strict, specified tolerance that A&H demands from the manufacturer (factory). Even close tolerance LEDs can sometimes have this exact behavior with limiting the voltage to them for the purpose of dimming. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with your mixer, and there really is nothing that can be done at this point to expect identical brightness between the various LEDs.

    your milage may vary 🙂

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    I agree – it looks like to top layer one is particularly prone to this though.

    Not a problem in normal operation, just an edge case to be aware of I think

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