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    I’d like to link banks E and F across all fader banks on the s7000 but definitely not the first four banks. Is there a preference I can dictate EXACTLY which banks are linked? The manual is very brief about a lot of these features. Thanks.

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    Hey Scotchy,

    We don’t currently have an option for this, it’s a fairly all or nothing situation.

    Can I ask why you’d like to be able to do this for our records?

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    Yes. We have two segments of the 64 input show that are a departure from the main show and happen fairly quickly. A drum and drum ensemble section which takes up all 3 banks of layer D. And a “throwback” set which has a different drum kit and different instrumentation all together. That happens on the 3 banks of layer E. I also have a one for one layer for our systems tech to line check if I’m off programming something else and that is layer F. Understandably it’s just a “getting fancy” request because of course we could just push one button at at time… but since this is the newest coolest platform that will be getting all the top acts it could be just another “thing you can do”. I’m still mostly in Director as the two month tour starts in 3 weeks but I’m simulating the real thing with playback material and it was just something that I kept wishing for.

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    Have you considered using a scene to change the fader assignments? You could leave everything on bank A and just change what’s there.

    That said I, too, wish there was a bit more control over which banks are linked, which DCAs spill where, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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