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    Having been used to this in pro tools… I’d map this to one of the soft keys: a simple undo function for the last fader move. Not necessarily to safeguard against making a mistake exactly but more of a “reset” after making a change to either a channel fader or a DCA. Or a bunch of faders if moved at the same time.

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    UNDOs’ multiples of UNDOs’
    hmmm the times I have looked down and thought ‘oh my goodness that’s an interesting thing I have just done….’
    How do I get back to where the desk was before?
    There has been discussions about undo s’.. plural

    Mapping to a softkey is an idea.
    But once that genie is out of the bottle… how many undos’ could the QU processor handle?
    We never had undos’ on analogue mixers. Just good human memory and a photogenic mind with paper and pencil [spreadsheets] or a pic from a dig camera.
    I watched one guy once run a strip of gaffer tape down his vocal channel so no one could alter it…

    However I rave on.
    Undos’ I would really like a couple of undos’ Thats Undo s’ ‘plural’ 😐

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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