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    Hi there

    Status quo / problem
    Currently integration of Avantis with an L-Acoustics L-ISA System is not directly possible but requires a completely separate control (surface) setup on the side which works but also is somewhat cumbersome and does not deliver an ideal workflow.
    It would be desirable to control the essential L-ISA per channel/object parameters directly from the console; these include at least the fundamental spatial object parameters such as pan spread, pan, width, distance, elevation, possibly aux send (and likely some more) along with some interaction options like selection, linking etc.

    Implementation Idea / Suggestion
    Control of the per channel parameters could be done in a rather non-invasive manner such that the assign encoders provide access to all L-ISA parameters (very similar to the dynamics control) whereas it could also be handy to have the option to assign L-ISA parameters using the three custom rotaries on the side.
    Likely a particular configuration view might also be required.
    A more sophisticated per channel view of L-ISA parameters wouldn’t necessarily be required, for this external views of the L-ISA controller software could be relied on, which is more optimised for this purpose anyway.

    The L-ISA controller provides several mechanisms for interfacing to external devices, such as OSC message or the more deeper Desklink integration.
    I would think if integration is an aim, the desklink mechanisms would be most suitable.

    Alternate approaches / Considerations
    Aa a general, non-product specific solution having a series of channel-linked parameters that can be controlled directly through the surface and that interact with custom third-party solutions would provide an alternate means to achieve similar functionality at the cost of either introducing configuration complexity (setting labels, value ranges, etc) or being suboptimal (ie overly general) in terms of presentation.
    For interfacing, MIDI could be used as an already existing component.

    Related info
    The L-ISA Controller software comes with some basic documentation also, at least covering the OSC interface whereas I would think that documentation pertaining to desklink integration is only available to manufacturers.

    L-ISA Controller

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    Tatsuya Nakamura


    Very good suggestion.

    In addition to sLink, Avantis has any two optional slots from Dante/MADI/Waves, which can be used for 128 or 64 channels.

    Avantis is a very high potential console that is just waiting for OSC (Open Sound Control) and L-ISA support, as it also has functions for sound check.

    Since it can also handle MIDI, we hope that it will be able to use OSC and MIDI as it is and support the M4L SPAT Bundle control of Ableton Live.



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    Oh yes, but I would suggest CODA Immersive space control instead.

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    thanks for the feedback

    Personally not familiar with the CODA solution but it would indeed be a candidate aswell.

    I figure there’s the question of non-product specific vs. several (non-exclusive) legitimate product-specific integrations.
    Any particular specific integration would be meaningful, whereas all would be desirable.

    CODA – it seems – is based on OSC, which thus would be a common denominator – if the protocol’s mechanics work similarly or even identically.

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    I think that L-ISA integration would be a fantastic addition to the Anavtis and dLive range.

    Immersive audio systems are being used more and more at events around the world, from small to large, Houses of worship, concert halls an many more, and L-acoustics L-ISA is on the forefront of the technology. They continue to innovate and push the boundaries with the technology https://l-isa.l-acoustics.com/ L-ACOUSTICS KEYNOTE 2023 | Hollywood Bowl

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