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    Hey guys does anyone else have problems keeping there iPad connected to the qu16? I am using a router. I have the network “enabled” in the mixer… I have a hardtime connecting and staying connected… the iPad is a Ipad pro… The qu-you app is the most recent version and the qu16 firmware is also the latest version… the router Is in line of site… but it doesn’t matter weather I’m stand right in front of it or 10 feet away… still the same problem… any help or suggestions would be helpful… thanks

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    Try changing the channel on the router. You can get a network analyzer app for your phone to see which channels are being used at your venue.

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    Joseph Newton

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    Mike C

    I think Joseph is selling kitchen faucets!!

    For the router also try using a 5g connection, so far there is less traffic in the 5g band and more channels to choose.

    Also Gary’s suggestion of a WIFI scanner is good. while those apps don’t tell you everything they are much better then guessing.

    Are you using any 2.4 or 5g wireless mics in your system? They could be stepping
    on your connection.
    There is a company who makes a digital IEM system and it operates in the upper end
    of the 5g WIFI range, and it did cause me WIFI issues till I changed my operating

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