Is there an 'ST2 to AUX ' on the Zedi10FX like the Zedi10 ?

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    I have both the Zedi10 and Zedi10FX for which there is one manual, but only a statement about the function of the 2 ST2/ST3 to AUX knobs functionality of the Zedi10.

    It says: “ST2 and ST3 to AUX send control the level of signal sent to the AUX OUT. This is useful for routing USB IN 1-2 and USB IN 3-4 to the PHONES or MONITOR OUT”

    I could sure use that control of the two stereo usb returns to phones on both units, but on the Zedi10FX the ‘ST2 to AUX’ knob is changed to ‘FX to AUX’.
    The manual says nothing about if that knob still functions as ‘ST2 to AUX’ on the FX10 too, possibly if you aren’t sending any FX to it??

    The question is, where is there a ‘ST2 to AUX’ functionality on the Zedi10FX like the Zedi10?

    Thank you.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @falcon,

    The ZEDi-10 and ZEDi-10FX are virtually identical other than the built-in FX unit.
    The FX are integrated by having the FX send (on the ZEDi-10) send to the FX unit in addition to the FX output socket, then the effected output (the FX return) comes into the ST2 channel to be blended into the mix or sent to the Aux.
    So the ST2 channel on the ZEDi-10 is USB return 1&2 or analogue via the 1/4″ TRS Jack sockets, and the ST2 channel on the ZEDi-10FX is USB return 1&2, analogue and/or FX.
    Therefore, the labelling of the ST2 Aux send is different as it’s more likely you’ll be using it for FX, but it does exactly the same thing.

    Note that you can use the USB or analogue alongside the FX (as the signals are mixed) or you can switch the FX to ’00’ if you are not using them.

    To see what’s going on ‘under the hood’ you can check out the block diagram here –,0,-215


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    Thank you, I did find that the same thing seemed to also apply to the knob below also not labelled as also having the ST2 function – the ‘FX to MIX’ on the Zedi10FX’ also functions as ‘ST2 to MIX’ like I had been using the Zedi10 for.

    I bought them both a couple years ago to have one fixed and one for playing out, but only finally woke up the FX now to duplicate what I’d prepared and found that confusing labelling difference (ultimately not needing the effects). But frankly a note to your company, why not label the knobs on the FX as having both functions! or clearly state it in the manual!! The main reason to have these is the 4×4 USB functionality!! Two+ years later there’s still no other high quality small mixer with 4×4 – a HUGE benefit for me – so clearly labelling the USB functionality seems like should be the highest priority…. at least for the dummies :-).

    Thanks again, cheers.

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