Is there an easy way to change channel strip assignments ?

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    Some time ago I “aligned” my GLD-112 so that all the strips and preamps matched one to one. This is a huge help with i/o traffic, ME-1 monitor sends etc. Additionally stage pocket 1 goes to snake input 1, etc, etc. Recently we moved a lot of inputs around on stage and they were plugged into different stage pockets. I was able to quickly regain functionality by simply changing the “socket” input on the desk. This however left a mess in terms of the 1 to 1 configuration. (i.e. socket 2 is on strip 15 etc). SO, the question is, is there an easy way to change the strip assignment?

    Currently I am looking at removing a given strip from its “physical” location on the desk, sliding in the correct strip number in its place, renaming it, recalling the channel info and setting the proper color. There must be an easier way.

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    Look at touch screen Preamp page

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    Easy. Press the grey “setup” button, choose the “control” tab and then choose “strip assign”. Drag and drop things wherever you want them.

    Keep in mind that you’ll now have a problem of the real DSP channel numbers not being aligned with their layout on the desk. Where this can cause an issue is when you’re trying to do something that is based on the DSP channel number, such as insert an FX engine into a channel. You do this by choosing “insert”, “mono channel”, and then choosing the channel number, but it won’t be immediately obvious what the correct channel number actually is. Similarly if you’re trying to send an input direct out to an output port, it’s done by the channel number. You might have to scroll through 48 channels to find the one you want.

    You can set up the “Alt View” button to display the DSP channel number if you aren’t using it for anything else. You can also just go to the strip assign page and the top section will have all your channels in their actual order.


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