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    What is the easiest way to sync all the scenes if you make a change in an option, or in several of the settings , on one of them and want it to be the same in all the others? If you have a large number of scenes all the cut and pasting is not just a nuisance but also error prone.

    So far we do not have a ‘show’, but if we did could we change that and have that change inserted in all the scenes?

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Volounteer,

    What type of change are you looking to add to all scenes?

    The parameters in Qu are either stored at Library level, Scene level or Show level, so if you make a change at show level it will not change when recalling a library or scene, and so on.

    You can find what is stored at scene level here:,-274,841

    If it is a scene level change, you could use the global filter to block specific parameters from changing between all scenes.


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    As Alex says, global filter to stop it changing when you recall scenes. When you recall the scene it will now be as before (but with your new settings that were filtered from the recall), so you can immediately store it again and it is now updated. After this is done you can turn off the global filter if you don’t want it on.


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    Thanks for that info.

    The MD keeps tweaking Sunday_AM scene to fix what he hears as problems.
    Some I hear, some I don’t, but he is in charge.
    The problem is that he does not put those changes in the other scenes.

    Sunday PM I was recording the speaker whose mike was clipping as they just swapped a lapel for the earheld mike on the RF transmitter.

    I told him about the clipping, and he says he heard it [I did not hear it just saw the red light].
    Later in the week the MD tweaked the Sun_AM scene gain in preamp but only only on that scene.
    I checked all the scenes on Wednesday evening. But the gain in Sunday_AM is much lower than the Wednesday_PM scene.
    I also see that compression in/out, settings for PEQ, and others are all different too.

    I fear that Wednesday night and Sunday night we will still have clipping problems.
    As they record the audio to put on the video tape with an editor if that recording should be noisy (which is usually is) and then post on utoob, my concern is that the clipping may be causing distortion that sounds bad. I do not get involved with the recording after it is made so am going by the clipping light showing red.

    So, if the MD put all the scenes in a show would they then be able to be changed simultaneusly when he tweaks the gain in the channel strip for the new lapel mike, or tweaks EQ if he hears ringing, or any of his other changes.

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    To try to be clearer, I do NOT want to BLOCK changes, I want to make them globally in ALL scenes, without cut and pasting.
    Example: If they change a mike that requires lowering the preamp in the channel strip then that should be done in all scenes as they will all use that same mike on the same channel.

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    Use the Safe tab to make that channel “safe” from having its settings overwritten by scene recalls. Any changes on that channel will stay current for as long as that channels safe is on and the board is not reset.

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    I understand that you don’t want the changes blocked, it’s just an intermediate step to achieving what you want.

    Say you have a preamp which is set to +32dB in all your scenes (scene 1 to scene 20), except in one new scene (scene 21) where it is set to +36dB, and you want all your older scenes to also be the same as scene 21 (+36dB) without copy-pasting or manually adjusting it.

    If you recall scene 21 this preamp will now be set to +36dB, and if you then set a global filter to block this from being recalled then it will still be set to +36dB when you recall any of your other scenes. If you recall scene 18 for example, you’ll get all of scene 18 as normal, except for this preamp you have filtered, which is still at +36dB (because it didn’t change because it was filtered).

    When you store a scene you are storing the current status of the console into that scene, so if you store scene 18 now, it will have the +36dB preamp level included in what is stored. Do this for all scenes, recall and immediately store.

    You have now updated this setting in your old scene to be the same as how it is in your new scene. You can now turn off the global filter and the preamp level still won’t change because it will be the same in all scenes.

    Does this make sense?


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    That makes sense.
    I will have to reread the manual and then check to see if the MD is using safes or not.
    If not, then that could certainly be an easy way to do what we need.

    I suspect he is still learning this new mixer along with the rest of us.
    And relies too much on the installer to set things without being aware of all the nuances of changes.

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