Is the GLD80 gonna get any more love?

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    I know you threw some chrome at the old girl to add a little glitz. A little like buying mom a shiny new dress though.

    Is there a software update in the works? Give me some hope my console will stay relevant like the new mixers at half this price.

    Side chain compression and expansion?
    Expansion ratio parameters instead of simple on/off gating?
    Make the memory recall and saving logical?
    Give us a scene “next and take” instead of “take and next”?
    Make the confirmation requirement separate for scene save and recall?
    Enhancer effect?
    Allow others to make apps if you do not want to upgrade the old girl?

    Thank you,

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    I agree. And I paid way more dealer cost that retail is on one now. Still love it.

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    I already started a “firmware update” question some time ago. Too bad that nobody from the A&H crew takes time or is willing to respond. Basically you ask the same. As I look at Qu series, they have better remote control (full control on an ipad and Qu-me for iphone and android). I am annoyed that the more expensive platform GLD didn’t have any update or announcement what is to come in the (near) future.

    Due to lack of communication I wont buy a new GLD and take my chances with a console that is updated.

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    The recent history is starting to resemble iLive. Look what happened there.

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    Mark Oakley

    Indeed. It’s hard owning a flagship product and standing by watching the lower-priced units get the upgrades. Extra FX, AMS, Compressor models for the GLD and QU …not for the iLive.


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    I guess we iLive owners and GLD owners are just islands now.

    I wish the admins would at least recognize us and spend 5 minutes and answer a few questions.

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    GLD80 came out in 2012?

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see a few things added, but all manufactures have to draw the line somewhere. Bug fixes only from here on out wouldn’t surprise me.

    Now just get me a GLD60! 16 or more faders that fits in a rack! lol

    Are there numbers anywhere on how many units of the 80 and 112 were manufactured and/or sold? My money is this series will fade away soon. Too bad, it’s a great unit, and I hope I’m wrong!!!

    I currently own two GLD80’s btw.

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    And here I am [at the start of the Spring Summer cycle] with lots of the AR series boxes [that are paid for] thinking… shall I get a 112?
    Cant afford the DLive! Thats a big jump!

    The year 2012 huh?
    4 years. hmmm Is it near the end of the cycle?
    I’m sure GLD will still be supported.?

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    It’s curious to know what they are thinking with regard to GLD. A 2.0 version with more mix channels? I’d go for that. Or just leave it alone. There needs to be a bridge between QU a DLive. I just lost a huge job. Over 100k install because Yamaha QL killed me against DLive. Needed 56 channels. There ya go.

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    My guess is the next generation is already in the works. Just like dLive replacing iLive, GLD is approaching the end of life cycle. Looking forward to A&H’s next mid-level digital mixer!

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    Mike Storm

    GCumbee, isn’t the QL5 about double the price of a GLD?

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    And then some. Closer to triple. I just wish AH had something in that area with 56 to 64 mix channels.

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