Is it possible to soft key the source select?

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    Before I add a feature suggestion in the appropriate forum, I wanted to see if anyone knows how to do this:

    Part of my workflow is to check not only the Preamp Gain coming into the board, but also the post compressor/fx/processing. I switch between the two sources constantly on the meter screen. So the flow is press the meter button, hold the setup button, tap the cog, change the source on the Input Metering Source Point to Post Preamp, and then throughout a rehearsal and sometimes through the show, I have to go back through that process and change it to Post Delay. Rinse and repeat multiplied by how many channels I have.

    I know that I can see the preamp gain and post processing on some screens, but on other screens, its not totally intuitive because the meters might be different sizes to try to compare levels etc, I also know that I could compare the levels on the channel strip and compare it to the PAFL meter, but its really nice to be able to see it on the same exact meter and do an A/B comparison…

    It sure would be nice to be able to change the source selection for the metering using soft keys. Even if it was just selecting Post Preamp and Post Delay.

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    You have the Listen button.
    This allows you to listen to a signal almost anywhere in the signal chain.
    It will also show you the level of the signal @ that specific point on the PAFL meters.

    Makes it a lot easier I guess.

    And if the Peak LED lits on a channel it means the signal is clipping somewhere in the signal chain.
    It could make you worry less about the metering?

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    Thanks! I will give the listen button a try. I have to be honest, I have never used it. How do you tell the listen button where in the chain to insert itself? I guess I should read the manual! LOL

    I’m not worried, per se, about Peaking or the metering. I just like to run everything to unity if and when possible. I also have other devices connected downstream that are affected by the preamp gain, so keeping an eye on the input while also maintaining a decent post-processed output I feel is important.


    +1 for metering source point changes via soft key settings or via scene recall block/allow settings to then assign the scene with the setting scoped to a softkey for easy changing of metering modes.

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    I will give an example of what I would love to have. If you have access to an avantis, you can have the preamp meter at the top and set the meter at the bottom to be post compressor/delay.

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    Thanks for sharing this.

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