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    I think if I read this, I’d not believe it, but I have another sound engineer as a witness!

    Last night, I was doing a soundcheck. iPad mini (1st gen) controlling a Qu-Pac (using an Apple Express).

    All of a sudden the iPad starts playing some music (I assume something I have stored on the iPad from a theatre show, though I didn’t recognise it) at full volume through it’s own speaker. As this was so unexpected it took me a few seconds to even work out where it was coming from.

    So I go to stop it, but — there are no other apps open — & nothing showing as playing in the control centre. So WTF is going on?

    So I try closing Qu-Control & the music stops.

    All very weird if you ask me. Nothing strange happened for the rest of the evening.

    I wish I’d tried the iPad’s volume buttons now to see if they did anything, but didn’t think of it at the time.

    So, anybody else ever had anything like that happen?

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    Ok, I thought it was just me. My iPhone started doing this after the last update! Nothing open that I could find running.

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