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    We’ve even having a lot of trouble with dropouts between our iPad and the QU-16. The router is never further than 50 feet from the iPad and almost always has clear line of sight. It just seems like the mixer is really finicky.

    I would like to replace our router with one that is known to work well with a QU-16. Any recommendations?

    Thanks – JAY

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    We just started to use the IPad & an ASUS router. It works well with the iPad 4 generation & newer. The 2nd generation iPad wants to drop out a lot.
    We bought router that has the a/c signal & the signal is strong & consistent.
    I do know setting these routers up can be tricky. There’s no discussion about connections & setup.
    I got an iPad Air 32gb at the Apple Store & got a refurbished for quite a discount.
    There’s a learning curve when using the pad but it doesn’t take long.

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    Make sure your update is the 1.7 & your router & pad have at least “n” for wifi signal. One of our engineers has an older 2nd generation pad & he’s having drop out issues.
    Just a thought!

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    For me an iPad 3 and an Airport Express (latest version) works reliable …

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    The last router we tried was (I think) an ASUS RT-AC52U. Our iPad is a new (2 months ago) Air version.

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    I have a iPad 3 and an Airport Express 2nd version, I had a lot of trouble with other cheap routers

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    I run an iPad Air and one of the 2nd generation Virgin Superhub routers which are made for Virgin by Netgear. Only time I have experianced dropouts are when there has been a lot of 2.4ghz activity in the room from mobile phones and similar devices, so I have set the router to 5ghz. But for the best part it has so far been a positive experiance using the iPad.

    Distances vary from gig to gig, if I am doing FOH I can be in a theatre or just a mid to large function room.

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    David J.

    I have a ipad2 and zixel router, always I had problems with dropouts with QU-16, since 2 years, now I bought a QU-24 and the problem persists. I doubt if the problem is my ipad or router, because works in GLD I no have a problem with the same ipad and router, and Behringer devices works well too.

    Any solution?

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    The router recommendation page athttps://support.allen-heath.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/847/201/recommended-wi-fi-router appears outdated. In fact there is an end-of-life announcement for the only one recommended:

    Does A&H have any recommendations regarding routers for the QU series?

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    I had numerous dropouts at my event last weekend. Two times it disconnected with the router 12 inches away from me. Very weird.

    I am using a Qu-Pac with an Ipad Air and Airport Express router.

    Any thoughts?

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    Dick Rees

    It depends on whether or not you’ve set up your WAP so as to minimize the hits it will take in a busy wifi environment. There are many threads and discussions about this on the Pro Sound Web. I would suggest you go over there and do a search on the subject.

    Or ask Andreas here…

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    Or ask Andreas here…

    probably can’t suggest much, I rarely use the iPad for more than little monitoring setup. No problems so far, crossing fingers.

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    Dick Rees

    Here’s a link to a thread currently discussing WAP security:


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    Ipad (1st generation) and Airport Express (version 2) have worked great for me on both
    a GLD-80 and the QU-16. Make sure you have WAP and connect at 5ghz. Range good past 100 feet.

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    One more vote for the Apple Airport Express. My friend Mr. Dick Rees first put the bug in my ear last year but I was using a ‘mostly’ reliable Cisco. I still would get dropout though once in a while. I finally switched to the Apple 2-3 months ago and it was the best thing I did for my wi-fi set up.The range is much better and I have experienced drop out one time only due to poor positioning on my part. This is definitely a Buy once – cry once decision.

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