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    Please can I request to duplicate the matrix feeds (into iPad or QuPad) as seen in the Routing matrix page from the QU32
    Right here where my finger is pointing to [jpeg below] in that square space.
    So I can stand between relayed speakers and tweak input feeds.
    GEQ/PEG Comp is there but not the amounts of respective feeds.

    Otherwise 1.7 is brilliant.
    Thank you Allen & Heath

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    That’s a lot of data in that small square.
    Maybe to simplify that down somehow in the QuPad app?
    To just ‘what is turned on’ back at the main QU desk?
    I used the matrix to feed just a couple of rear delay behind FOH recently but found I had to do a lot of walking back to the desk to tweak the feeds within the matrix.
    It worked very good though.
    And now that my DR66 has blown I’ll be using the matrix to feed rear delays a lot.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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