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    joerg s.


    I bought a SQ-6 because of the massive mix bus options. My band use 4 stereo In Ear systems, plus 2 Mono systems plus wedges.
    Together with my new two DX168 I prepared the system, built two new Stage Racks.
    Today was the day, first big show with the new system. Tried to connect my Ipad, two musicians on stage were already connected to control their IE Mixes. So no chance for me, still only two IOS Devices possible at the same time.
    Tought it was a rumour! Please A&H, cancel that limitation!
    Dear other SQ Users, what are your experiences, is it possible to use more Remote Tablets, maybe mixed with android units?


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Joerg,

    Yes- we could delimit the number of SQ-MixPad connections, but then some of the devices would randomly drop out.
    SQ-MixPad has to use quite a lot of bandwidth, mainly because there are hundreds of meters worth of data to keep updated, so it’s just not possible to guarantee more than two instances of SQ-MixPad at once.
    As I type however, we have the personal monitoring app in test. Many more instances of this can be used simultaneously as it uses much less bandwidth, being that it controls one mix per instance, and this will be the app for the musicians/performers.


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    Good news about the personal monitoring app Keith! Any screen shots you can share??


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    Just think Qu-You … why re-invent the wheel. ☺

    It’s like waiting for Christmas morning !!

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    joerg s.

    Hallo Keith,
    Thanks for your reply. In comparison to mix apps of other desks I worked with, I can’t see the high data volume you are describing. There is no RTA, no patching, naming or color coding of channels, no names of aux mixes.. I miss a lot of functions yet.
    I am a sound engineer not a programmer, but I think there is a lot to do.
    Looking forward to the new monitoring app!

    Greetings from Germany

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