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    iPad app patching screen would be super helpful.

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    I agree.

    Or at least being able to change the patch on each channel. If I’m on stage trying to troubleshoot a problem, it would be helpful to just use the app to change the patch right there to confirm it works rather than having to walk back to the booth to change it.

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    I agree. Having the I/O Page Available on the Mixpad App would be awesome. Especially since most of the users that will use the SQ will be utilizing the Digital Stage Boxes (AR2412, AB168, AR84, DX168, etc…) with the Slink Port.

    I also think it would be awesome if the Console and Mixpad App showed the actual Stagebox numbers. As of right now (vers1.1) the Screen shows Slink simply as 1-40.

    Ideally it would show the SLink as as (AR2412 1-24 + AB168 1-16) Hopefully that makes sense.

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    From the qu app

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    +1000 for the possibility to patch via remote app.
    For me it would be enough to have the patching available for the channels (input and output).
    Background: I am working often alone and also most of the time for different, previously unknown, bands which seldom have a correct rider sent before the day of the concert. Even if I know the band, it can happen that they have some extra instruments/musicians on that day. This means that I often have to define the list of input channels after the band comes to the venue. I am using two DX168X with the SQ, one on the left and one on the right side of the stage. This helps me to reduce the usage of longer XLR cables. But before I know what instrument is used and where it would be placed on the stage I cannot do the patching on the console.
    At the moment I have to patch the instruments on the DX and note the patching on a piece of paper and then run to the console to change the patching. To make the work even more complicated I have to patch the DXs before the patching of instruments to swich of the PP before patching something to the sockets because they “remember” the previous used PP and Gain settings. This I have to do because since now I did not found a setup page for the input sockets which probably are not patched to input channels

    Previously, before I replaced the Console with the X by the one with the SQ, it was easy. Patch the instrument, then select the input for the next free channel and name it. And there is also one extra page to setup the PP and gain for each connected input socket no matter whether they are used in the input patching or not.

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