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    I would change a couple things about the iPad login page.
    First, remove the demo option in the login list. It could be a button on the bottom somewhere or a switch in the app’s settings, but I don’t need it there ever, and presumably no one with a GLD would either.
    Second, an option to add IP addresses to the login list would be great. Example: The network I use our GLD on does not support whatever protocol the GLD uses to find things on the network (I suspect bonjour, it’s always had issues here). Instead of having to select Other… and add an IP address from memory, I could save as Riceland Hall on the list, and select it when the app opens. I know the Other dialog saves the last IP address now, but it gets to be a pain when you have two boards you have to do this for.
    Third, I don’t think the login account/password really needs a separate page. It could probably be added to the page with the login list, either alongside it or under it.
    This would go along with this suggestion by Kberg .

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