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    I’m wondering if there are plans to support dLive’s IP6/8 on the Qu as well. Assuming the IP boxes talk regular TCP/IP it should be just a question of implementing the correct protocol on Qu side to enable “outsourcing” a mix or whatever to extra faders.

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    Digital scribble strips – shut up and take my money!

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    I doubt it?
    I suspect the next series digital mixer will 😐
    AND I suspect, looking at A & H time line history that’s probably in development NOW?

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    It’s interesting, because there’s not a huge reason NOT to make it compatible.

    It looks like a really nice bit of kit

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    Combined with Qu-pac or Qu-SB, it will be one of the unique combination for gigging musician with flexibility of having physical fader for faster reaction and having less overall weight than Qu-16, especially the way it connect seems to be standard network protocol and not proprietary. Please make it happen Allen Heath!

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    Yes, it’s basically what I do with a BCF2k and Raspberry Pi, but in one easy unit.

    Really strong potential…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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