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    I currently have four IP controllers.
    I use them to let the band mix their our monitors without having to bring an iPad and connect to the network, blahblahblah.

    However this means a VERY tedious process of assigning scene recall buttons to every layer for every mix.
    For each IP8 that’s 8 buttons x 6 layers x 8 possible mixes (that’s 484 buttons per controller) that I have to do manually, after assigning faders because quick setup won’t let me leave the top button unchanged.
    Each IP controller currently easily two hours.

    On top of that, there’s no way to duplicate what’s on one controller to the other (stage left and stage right duplicates) without going through the whole process all over again.

    Firmware is 1.81

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    If you hit setup on the console and then tap on the IP setup page, you get a possibility to define what is used for quick setup. This is a great time safer!

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    One should more often press the Setup button. There is a lot to find.

    You could work with scenes. Make one show where all your IP8 Settings are safed in a scene.
    Import the scene through the scene manager into the show you need it. Recall the scene with the Global Safes on, except for the controller settings.


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    btw… he already has a scene with the controller data…

    import this in a different show, block all parameters from recall except the controller setting
    remember, shows with different mixrack configuration change the recall filters in all imported scenes
    you has to review them…

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    You can copy a setup from one IP8 to another that way? Have to try this….

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