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    When a Softkey is assigned to chose a specific mix (for example Main Mix), it currently is always lit when the assigned mix is active.

    It would be nice when the LED could be inverted to be lit when another than the assigned mix is active, so it can be used as a “home” button to the main mix.
    This would be useful to see, that another than the main mix is active and lights in red as an additional warning. One touch on the red button and we are back at mixing the mains.

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    Pit Lenz

    Thinking from there, how ’bout this:
    Having a function in the softkeys menue, called “home button” that makes a button light up when main mix is selected and BLINK when it’s not.

    I always use my last softkey as a “home button” to reassure it is solid red before I proceed, but a blinking alternate state warning might catch your attention before you take the wrong exit….

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    +1. Know i have a normal key for selecting mainmix and clearing PAFL, but an home-button that flash would be much greater!

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    How about double tap on any mix button if you’re no sure?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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