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    We are looking at buying an SQ6 and have some old hardware we want to keep connected to a couple of channels on inserts. I am aware the SQ series can do inserts from a physical input and output, but does this take channels from the total possible inputs and outputs. For example does this mean you have to give up one of the 12 mix busses to use as the return signal from the input? Thanks in advance.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @jma04o

    Nope! 🙂
    You can think of the processing and routing as two separate (but obviously very closely related) things.
    There are far more I/O routing possibilities in the SQ than the number of processing channels available in the mixing core. The reason for this might be summarised as ‘a processing channel requires routing to be of use, but routing does not necessarily need processing’.
    So the routing of inserts, direct outputs, tie lines or mix external inputs for example, would not use up any extra processing channels.

    In short, you can insert your hardware on any input or mix channel without using up any others.


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    Is there anywhere I can see a physical example of that?
    A youtube or a link anywhere?
    I dont have an SQ and have been selling off old favourite outboard stuff … so this might change my mind?

    Please only people with exact knowledge on this answer this post


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    Please only people with exact knowledge on this answer this post

    I have no SQ as well
    but know how to do it… and did it once for a test

    the most important part is to understand that the patching is not part of the processing
    this is different than on the QU where the input sockets fixed with the input channels

    channel processing on the XCVI based consoles starts after the patch points and the preamp is part of the patching
    if you are using a insert point on a channel or mix you send out a signal to a “output patch point” and receive it afterwards on a “input patch point”
    patch points are physical inputs and outputs

    this could be on the SQ local sockets, DX sockets, USB-B connections or slot connections

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    There is a dedicated chapter in the reference manual (7.5 page 31) which describes in detail how to patch inserts.
    And if someone can use a popular internet search engine with keywords like „insert“, „Effects“ and „SQ“ for sure will find also some videos as a result.

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    Andre S

    Hi @xyz,

    a video, where someone inserts ourboard equioment? Here you go:
    SQ Inserting outboard gear


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    Perfect Thankyou!
    I just need to get my head around the fact that the whole SQ is a soft patch scenario
    Rather than old school with a TRS “per physical in line ‘between the inpu XLRs’ on the rear of the consule.
    Without the physical mixer its a little dificult.
    So If I wanted to plug a mic into rear of the consule chan 1
    and send out to an old hardware I would have to send that signal out through where and return it physically where?
    Would I patch those internally?

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    Andre S

    Well, If you put a mic into channel 1, you could then connect output 2 of the SQ to input on your outboard unit, then connect the output of your outboard unit to input 2 of the SQ. Next step is to go to the insert patch point of channel 1 (on the processing screen right between the noise gate and the EQ) and assign the send and returns to local 2. Now they are patched.

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    Thanks for that. I’m getting it now
    So as an example then..
    if I had say 4 X external outboard devices I could use say an AR84 to exit to and return into… saving hardware channel 2 [SQ] physical resources?
    But would have to assign other Faders [on another layer] to that AR84?
    Is that correct?

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    Søren Steinmetz

    You can use the AR0804 as your “insert” box (or any unused ins + outs on the back of the console for that matter)

    The first hurdle you need to pass, is the old analog way of thinking: Input socket 1 = processing channel 1.
    In the digital realm like on the SQ that is not the case.

    The I/O tab is basically a patchfield between all mic/line pre amps, the processing channels and the output patch.

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    Yea and I think thats the clik in the cog I needed!
    thanks for that!
    I know the AR84 is only 48k but for now its just a way of relating [mindset] to a different way of thinking.
    And how I could utilise [at this moment] in my studio and for live sound,
    however I doubt I would be using this kind of out-board scenario as the SQ looks like it has it all.
    Thanks Søren Steinmetz
    And thank you all.

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