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    Hey folks!

    Discovered an interesting and unfortunate bug today: Comp/PEQ order has a +/- dB affect on insert b!

    I am running Live Professor as an outboard processor, mostly for AutoTune, via Dante. (FOH uses a lower latency PCIE card, Web desk is less of an issue, so we just use DVS.)

    Here’s what happens: If you have PEQ/Comp then ins b, there is no issue. However, when you swap it so that the chain is Comp/PEQ, then ins b, you get a +10dB increase in volume when ins B is active! I’ve tested this on both FOH and our web desks with the same result. My only current recourse is to make sure to attenuate the input gain in Live Professor if I swap the processing order on those channels for any reason, but it is hazardous and unwanted to say the least.

    I’ve looked at the block diagram provided by AH and it does not look like there is a gain stage anywhere between those two, so swapping order should NOT have an affect on output level for INS b.

    I was also sure to test this with PEQ disabled so as not to alter the compression format w/ PEQ being pre versus Post. All with the same result. It does not matter if PEQ is active; If you swap the order, you will get a 10dB gain shift in either direction depending on which way you have it. I will e-mail support as well, but wanted to make sure this was documented here!



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