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    I work on a musical show at the moment where I have a bit tricky scenario.
    All actors have headsets, but they ordered less beltpacks to save cost on wireless devices.
    So the actors switch beltpacks during the show quite frequently.
    I set up the desk that I have each actor on one channel to have EQ,… for each actor individually and within the scenes I stored the input patch to recall the correct input from the bodypack.
    That works well, the only problem is that I can only save the full input patch. Is it somehow possible to set channelpatches to recall save or use a filter for the recall? I only found the complete patch as a filter.

    Any other ideas on how to handle this? (other than forcing them to order more beltpacks? 😉 )


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    You can route one input to as many channels as you want. No need to change i/o. But I may misunderstand the problem…

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    Yes, that is clear.
    But for example actor 1 has bodypack 1 (Input 1) in scene 1, bodypack 3 (input 3) in scene 5, bodypack 2 in scene 10, and so on.
    Therefore I switch the input for the scenes to be able to work with the same EQ and trim for each actor, independent of the bodypack he is using.

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    If there’s no more than 4 different inputs for each person, use the input A/B/C/D function for those channels. It’s settable per scene and per channel.

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    That was my idea as well 🙂
    But sadly there is one actor that has 5 inputs, I wanted to keep it consistent.

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    In another forum someone had a good idea – route each input in a monogroup and instead of changing the input patch change the routing of the group.

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    I solved a similar, but slightly different issue. What I would do is:

    • Assign each character/mic pac combination a channel strip
    • Gang the parameters you want to be consistent (e.g. EQ/Compressor) between these faders
    • Assign each fader to the scenes based on who is actually in the scene

    The thing that did break me is that input patches are not part of the channel strip input. They are seperate – part of the input patch setup. So if you change your mind about a patch, you need to update it in every scene, or safe your input patch list. In your case, you could just not make the input patch part of your global safe list, and then patch the correct character/combination per scene and the desk will recall them happily for you. Whatever you do it does require a bit of work, but it is possible.

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