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    Maybe this is a glitch. Maybe it’s a feature. Maybe it Maybelline…

    If a channel is made into stereo it maintains the previous preamp settings. It doesn’t even the preamps out or give you individual control. Is that correct? Did I do something wrong? Can this be changed if not?

    Also if that’s been posted previously please forgive my ignorance.

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    Think it is a glitch. It is not something that we’ve found a way to change option wise.

    However, a quick(er) fix is to patch the same two inputs to two mono channels somewhere else on the surface and correct the gain differences there, then unpatch.

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    You have individual control over gain in stereo channels.
    Go to i/o window and tap on the corresponding input number in the top row. There you can change gain, +48V, Pad and scene recall safe.

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    I would hope the settings would NOT change in the situation described.
    Like @RS said YOU can change them if you want to.

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    @RS – That’s new info for me. I had no idea that existed. If it exists there, why can’t it exist on the channel strip?

    @tpaulding – You may not want it to change, maybe I described the situation poorly. I have found a situation that it would be beneficial for my work flow. If it doesnt change when I stereo the input, fine. But, putting the preamp control hidden in the IO page (there is no indication on the surface thats where that is) instead of on the channel seems silly to me.

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    I also ran into this.

    In the io you can correct the settings.


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