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    it looks like my SQ6 (Firmware 1.5.3) does not change Input Patching when I reload a Scene that patches to SLINK Inputs of stageboxes not connected to the Mixer in that Moment.

    I checked several times, global and scene filters both allow Input Patching changes.

    Can anybody confirm that behaviour? Is it by intention?

    Looks dangerous to me when someone wants to change scene parameters “offline” (maybe before the venue).

    In that case, he might just power up the mixer but not the stageboxes (he won’t need them), load a scene and make some changes (for example, channel names or colors). When he then saves that scene, he might save wrong Patchings with it.

    So from my view, Patching should always be loaded with scenes if scene/global filters allow that, even when the stageboxes of the patched inputs are not connected at the Moment. Like patches to not existing SLINK Inputs are (which are possible manually).

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    KeithJ A&H


    It is also our point of view that patching can be made online or offline and that the only thing to change will be that the patches become ‘live’ once an expander is connected.
    I’ve just confirmed that’s exactly how it works on my unit, so there may be something else going on.
    You mention Input Patch is allowed for both scene and global filter, is Preamp also allowed?
    There are overlaps with some filters as per the reference guide here (,-361,372).


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    Thank you, i think “Preamp settings” were blocked and that seems to overlap. But that makes sense. Maybe there could be some kind of Warning (Button Color in App/Touch Screen?) when overlapping scene filters are in “conflict” in the filter settings?

    I also found the alternative to store patch/preamp settings in the Input Library. Will have to see which variant is better for me.

    So: Problem solved!

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    I’m planning with our SQ, to have a ar84 sitting permanently on a rolling drum riser…

    Sometimes the kit (and thus expander) might not be needed at all, or plugged in and out during changeovers, then needed for a performance, not needed, the needed again all on the same show.

    I plan to have the drum mic channels, permanently patched to the expander. As well as some AUX outputs also mirrored there in case we need some sends there.
    I want the drums always patched to the expander regardless, and, on the strips always, even if the expander isnt there….

    Is this going to cause issues?

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    Is this going to cause issues?

    can’t think of any issues introduced to this
    no expander, no signal, but that’s obvious

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