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    Has anybody else experienced this? Was using the tap on qu pad last night…..the flashing lights, and thus the delay times, seem to speed up a few seconds after tapping.

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    Are you certain that the delay times in the FX were off? It could be that your network connection was unreliable perhaps? Check the local FX on the desk itself, too.

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    I have noticed this too…to the point where I use a patched in D2…the tap delay across the range is not really good enough…

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    i experienced on the Qu-16 that the Button-LED for Tap-Tempo if set to a softkey is too slow for high ratios! Tried the same on the GLD-80 this weekend and i thought the LED’s are faster than on my Qu-16! Is this related to the software or to the LED’s?

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    What I experienced was the following. When tapping the tempo, for example a 1/4 Beat, on a soft key, the LED of the Key needs 4-8 Taps (depending on Tempo) to get to the right Tempo. So your optical “delay control” is really running behind your normal workflow. This is pretty annoying since I’m used to the iLive-Delay where this is no issue at all.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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