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    Mike C

    What I had posted or though I had for a QU work around
    was splitting the needed input channels either with Y cables or if using a
    stage doing the split at the routing.

    One channel of the split would be the dry channel going to the main LR mix and
    feeding any monitor mixes.

    The other channel or channels of the split would be unassigned from the main mix.
    Bring up the needed FX sends on those channels, with the FX sends post fade they
    would be controlled on the main mix surface layer or assigned in the custom layer.

    Edit…..Ok that’s about what Mark posted on the SQ forum.

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    Yep. Using the custom layer on Qu (and obviously SQ too) you could also add a DCA to give an overall volume for all those split channels if that would be useful.

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    Yeah, this might do the job. Actually can use with Yamaha-system as well 😉


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    I am confused. Do you want to do this with the OU or the SQ?
    And you know that the named Yamaha consoles are more in the league of the avantis and dLive?

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    The same method would work on both consoles as well as with Yamahas. And why not actually in allmost any brand.

    Sorry for double posting, made the first post on wrong forum but did not want to remove it as there were allready answers.

    SQ is the one’ I might have nexr spring tour (if it ever happens…)

    …and mentioned Yamahas just because they are the ones I use most as our company has them.

    The answer to my solution showed nicely how things can be figured out by talking bout them. In this case I just stucked with my mind to possibility to have the exact command on the fader but the solution was kind of detour. There are slight things to take care with, like if I want to have the same sound to FX send I must gang or group the channels. Of course this solution also give the possibility to send totally different sound to delay, like having highs and lows allready cut of in send or even something more extreme like sending distorted/flanged/what ever to fx….


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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