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    Not sure if this is technically possible, but for me it could be helpful to separate output mapping for QuDrive and USB.
    My idea is to use the host connection to perform a full channel capture of a live event and use the internal QuDrive as some kind of backup recording in case of failure on the host side. And since the QuDrive (currently???!?!??) can’t record all channels on a Qu32/Qu24, I’d like to record groups/mixes from selected channels there.

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    I suspect the Qu-Drive will always be limited, although given that USB data rate is clearly enough I’m not sure it’s an obvious restriction. If we could “disable” some of the higher channels then those with slower disks could still run slower disks (with fewer channels)

    The System block diagram implies that they are sharing DSP/CPU power – is there enough space on the USB B to put some groups at the front (e.g. drums) without sacrificing “important” channel later on?

    Are there any channels (multiple speech mics?) that you could group and happily not have individually recorded?

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    Currently I’m fine since my 32Ch have some space to record Groups and separated channels in parallel, so I can easily record the individuals from Ch19 and up and map my premixes to the lower streams (works quite fine!). But events will come that need recording of nearly all channels available and these are the ones I really have to ensure there is some high level recording in the end, even if the host recording fails for some reasons (happened once in a video production, luckily files could been recovered manually…).

    Not sure if independent mappings will consume more DSP power, since audio streaming and USB Block Devices handled pretty different. I assume there is only very little to be shared regarding performance.

    But, hey, this is only a feature suggestion, not an urgent issue… 😉

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