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    Sure, anything is possible. But the iLive version of the crossover section was less than ideal in patching and management. I would rather see implementation of things this console lacks on the console front. A modern RTA for example… interesting EQ modelling that could be inserted in via the FXs if need be. A latching Width button on the C series EQ area, A clock that doesn’t lose time.

    No speaker manufacturer has done that because…Why would they? If you need FIR filters for your boxes you would buy what ever they spec. System perfomance issues usually can’t be solved on the console.

    I purchased Dlives for one reason. They are fantastic consoles that punch above their weight.

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    I am still in favour of a deep processing element for loudspeaker control.
    In order to work professionally, you don’t necessarily have to use loudspeakers that absolutely need an external system power amplifier with DSP.

    But I also find the demand for FIR filters somewhat exaggerated. if a loudspeaker needs something like this, I would of course use a systemamp.

    a watch that doesn’t have to be adjusted all the time, but I would also like to have one πŸ˜‰

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    Steffen R

    I would like to hear something from A&H about the DEEP processing EQ…

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    DEEP processing EQ’s sounds like the sexiest feature suggestion in this topic, indeed πŸ˜‰
    but the most useful things before this would be definitely : on/off switches for each filter + RTA on the PEQ window.

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    I already suggested “RTA on the PEQ window” in 2008, for iLive. At that time I was probably the only one…. πŸ˜‰
    This has not yet been implemented, but I see that more and more colleagues are asking for it.
    in any case, this increases the probability that we will get this useful solution!

    and concerning the DEEP-EQ: A&H doesn’t answer, this allows two possibilities:
    A) they are already working on it and do not want to publish it yet
    B) they don’t care at all.

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    +1 for RTA on the PEQ window.

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    Most professional amplifier manufacturers have DSP on board to deal with this, then there are numerous processor, controller manufacturers that provide an external solution for legacy amplifiers. Usually with remote software capabilities and integration with analasys software. Labgruppen, Lake and Smaart come to mind but I am sure other brands are available.😎

    The whole eggs in one basket thing comes to mind.
    I would heartily agree with a request for a good multi band PEQ as an effect rack item reminiscent of the old BSS Varicurve. 8 to 12 band mono or stereo dependant on use, as an option in the GEQ section would be another use for those of us Luddites that don’t like graphic EQ units.

    Ian B.

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    the charm of the complete equalization in the console lies in the extremely short latency. the direct response of my monitor speakers is very important to me. therefore, I have always avoided external amps with DSP, apart from small exceptions. my experience was that less latency on stage means less volume.
    I can be wrong, I didn’t research it scientifically. but I had a few musicians who enjoyed the more direct sound – already with iLive.

    but of course, modern DSP amps also work with very low latency, the topic is generally better perceived everywhere. nevertheless, I would like to stick with this logic personally.
    and therefore I would really appreciate a deep-processing solution.

    for PA systems I use always external equipment.

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    Steffen R

    some of us travel the world with the console and sometimes they will find a system EQ very useful
    and sometimes there is no PA system processor to be used

    EAW tried it with their console, even the X/M-32 can control PA sytems and Yamaha has a Lake Card
    so why not build a tool…

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    Would it not be possible to (kind of) build your own processor with Matrix distribution? I know it is not the same, but I think EQ emulations/variations is a far more pressing feature. The new yamaha firmware is AWSOME with the different EQ modes, this would be very very welcome on the dLive, as I think the very clean nature of the console need the tools to take it into different directions. We have got LOTS of compression models to choose from, so I am actually a little puzzled that the EQ has not seen the same creative development.

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