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    I’m really digging into getting my SQ-6 set up as a front end for Nuendo. It will be the centerpiece of my workflow.

    I have a number of suggestions regarding the MIDI functionality and DAW control. I am unable to achieve a configuration that works for the following:

    * Global Mute and Solo defeat in the DAW
    * Scribble strip support (track name) for the faders/channels — this is infuriating because after a bank move you have no idea what each fader does
    * Transport Shuttle/Jog on a soft knob
    * Support for built-in features of the DAW such as control room. (Though I’d like to see that done native in the SQ-6)
    * Channel record arm/disarm

    Perhaps the ability to dedicate a layer to DAW control where everything in that layer is understood to be an interface to the DAW? That would allow us to totally take over the surface in a unique way on that layer only and implement something more robust to interact with the DAW.

    .. I’m sure as I’ll play I’ll find more. What I’m looking for is something closer to what I had with an Avid Artist Mix and Artist Transport set up. These were very good at providing a more tactile interface to Nuendo. I don’t need everything those can do, but would like more than I have with the SQ-6 so far.

    Some related articles I uncovered searching for other related requests:

    Midi strips:

    More MIDI strips / full CC choices

    Control Room Support:

    Studio monitor Management

    Somewhat related to scribble strip support:

    Labeling MIDI Channels, SoftKeys and Mix outputs and custom layers

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    I’ve not tried DAW control yet, but I also have Nuendo and tbese are all good suggestions.
    How does it respond given that the faders on the SQ are not touch sensetive? I tried the Behringer BCF2000 which also doesn’t have that, with Nuendo, and every time I tried to take over a mix, it had to see quite a change in the fader position before dropping in to Write mode. That resulted in unusable jumps in the automation.
    I mentioned this on a Facebook forum and someone seemed to think it wasn’t an issue, although I can’t now remember which DAW that they were using.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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